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“New Year, New Brilliance”: Eyang Group Grandly Holds the 2020 Commendation Conference

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      On January 26, 2021, leaders and employees of Eyang Group gathered in Dongguan Fenggang Eyang Science and Technology Park for the “New Year, New Brilliance” 2020 Commendation Conference.


Address from the Leadership

      At the start of the conference, Zhou Chunhua, Chairman of Tianli Holdings Group, and Liao Jie, General Manager of Eyang Group, deliver speeches respectively. Chairman Zhou Chunhua reviews the development conditions of Eyang Group in 2020, affirms the efforts of all employees in 2020, and elaborates the development plan of Eyang Group in 2021 to all employees. General Manager Liao Jie summarizes the significant transformation of Eyang Group featuring  "Ringing Out the Old, Renewing the New" in the past year starting from the development history of Eyang Group.



      The year 2020 was an extraordinary year as well as a brand-new year for Eyang Group. With well-balanced development and recovery, Eyang has made great achievements in technology research and development, production capacity improvement, marketing and sales, new base planning, etc. With careful selection, the Company has finalized the awards of "Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Award", "Excellent Craftsman", "Excellent Yuyang People", "Science and Technology Elite", "Business Elite", "Advanced Worker", "Excellent Graduate", etc. in 2020.




      sIn addition to the commendation activities, interesting programs such as dances, songs and lucky draws are also arranged in this conference, making the whole conference exciting and with great climaxes. At the conference, the employees are affirmed by the Company for their hard work, and they also receive intense care and deep concern from the Company and the leadership.



       Keep Moving, Chase the Dream; Embrace a New Start for 2021. 
      Stay True to the Mission; March Forward for the Brilliance.




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